Sunday, January 3, 2010


Talk about showing some love. My buddy Beens had his birthday party last night at this "asian fusion cuisine"/Club last night. How those two mix is beyond me, and evidently beyond the diners there last night too. Doors opened at 11pm, we didn't get there till like 11:30 ish. As we're walking in, however, there is as much of a migration out as in, just a different demographic in each line. To put it bluntly, A Bronx Tale was leaving while Harlem Nights was coming in. Apparently, by catering to a hip sushi loving crowd early on and the club hoppers late, the unsuspecting patrons are rudely ripped from their quiet, raw dinners by deep resounding booms that sound "like two midgets in the back seat rasselin." But, so anyways, it was pretty sparse at first when I was there, but not to soon after getting there, I was finding it hard to manuever my way through the crowd. Then Beens gets there, and I realize that a good %85 of people where there for him...maybe more. And that's love. I can feel it in my fingas, I can feel it in my toes...not really, but it was nice to see all those folks come out.

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