Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dead Monkeys and Illegitimate Children

So Adrienne's showing me her iphone monkey app and explaining how she missed her stop yesterday because she was feeding her monkey. So she goes to feed the monkey and the damn thing dies. One friggin banana and it just drops dead, nice one Adrienne. This is not a good omen for her, not electronic. I mean, if you feed your fake pet to the point of death, what's going to happen to your real one?

Speaking of food, I just got back from lunch. I got a minestrone soup and a meatball parm...mmmmm. Well, honestly it was that's besides the point. When I get in there, the maitre'd...if you can really call him that, I mean it's a pooty italian talking to a man and his son as they're getting ready to leave. They're talking about their kids and such and...
M'd - "So you have two kids?"
Guy - "No, he(indicating the boy with him) and the other one are twins."
M'd - "Oh so you have 3 kids?"
Guy - "Yeah...well, that I know of at least. For all I know I've got a whole bunch running around, but as far I know I've got three, heh."
Now, I've used this "joke" many times with friends and aquaintances;
"You got any kids?"
"Not that I know of" guffaw, guffaw.
but it was a bit shocking for me to see it being used by a 45+ guy in front of his kid. I'm no psychologist or anything, but I really think this sends the wrong message, no? I mean, ok, Dad was a pimp, good for him, but talking about the slew of illegitimate children that might be running around while you're with your son just seems tacky, but that's just me.

Oh, and it's a "joke" cus chicks are scandalous and it's not unheard of...ahem...for a girl to get prego and not tell the daddy. Oh and that ahem was not for any of you upstanding women reading this, it was for you Carlos, you know who you are.

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