Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chicken, Kate Nash and more Chicken

Ok, we'll start today out with a little advice. Do not, I repeat, do not go to your in house workout facility to defrost your chicken in the sauna. That is just wrong. I'm not sure what has happened to people over the last decade or two, but I'm pretty sure that in 1993 this sort of activity was frowed upon. People, if you could please act as if you have some common sense, I'd personally appreciate it. And if you need a quick way to defrost chicken, or any meat for that matter, put it in a bowl of luke-warm water. Whether it's wrapped in plastic or naked, it'll defrost it in a half hour or so.

I am really digging Kate Nash. The music is cool and her accent just does something for me. And even more, I love Pandora, it just knows what I want to hear...sigh...I love the Stones!

So, I was talking to my mom earlier, and I have to make this prediction. If the Pats win the SB this year Randy Moss is retiring, if not he will retire no matter what next season.

So yesterday I brought to work what I had believed was a plate of Ratatoille with chicken and pasta (no not the afore mentioned chicken). I was so excited, you would be too if you'd ever had some bangin ratatoille, to eat my dinner, I was thinking about it before I even got to work. So I'm taking it out of my bag to put in the fridge, and quelle surprise, it's nothing but chicken. I'm talking about a box of half-cooked redish, from the tomatoes, chicken. That's it, no side, no veggies, no nothing! Ooh, my despair was unfathomable. It was suggested I get some dollar rice from the chinese place around the corner, but that just doesn't begin to addresse my problem. It wasn't the chicken I was looking forward to. It wasn't the pasta, it was the ratatoille. I was considering it for the majority of my shift and decided to just say fuck it, take it home and grab some pizza on the way. The upside of not eating it last night, though, is that now I've got it for dinner tonight :-D. This is a happy frenchman. The only thing that'd make me happier for dinner is some red wine, some soft camembert or roquefort and a pretty smile. But hey, if you got everything you wanted in life you'd be Paris Hilton, and no one wants that.

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