Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mexicans and Drugs

So I learned a lot last night at a little Mexican restaurant over on Broadway, the most interesting concerning gypsies. Apparently, if my source is to be believed, they were the workers for the Ottoman Army when it was taking over all of Europe. Since they're more nomadic than not, they'd stick around after the army left...I feel this is the beginning of a very boring post so I'll stop there. I swear it was much more interesting last night, but maybe it was the company more than the story...idk...

So I was talking to my sister about drugs the other day and I was professing that I didn't take drugs. My argument was that I don't take any of the crap the pharmaceutical companies put out and claim will help, side effects include explosive diarrhea and spontaneous combustion of the genitals, and I don't take any of the street drugs, i.e. heroin and meth etc., but then she brought up the kicker. "What about alcohol, what about caffein? They're both drugs and I know you consume both." And that's true, I do, which makes me wonder whether we should not be generalizing these substances the way we do. Wikipedia says that weed and cocaine are both considered narcotics, but should they really be in the same group? And then OxyContin and Heroin, shouldn't they be in the same category regardless of whether one is legal or not? The real problem is that these are catch-phrase words, drugs, narcotics. They're spawn of the "War On Drugs". Quick side note, how long has the war on drugs been going on? since '69? If that's the case maybe we should rethink our "War on Terrorism", I don't want it taking the war on drugs path. But I digest...hehe family guy reference...we as a people really need to start taking a more realistic view on things like drugs because the majority of us are fooling ourselves into thinking that just because it comes with a label it's ok and because it comes in a sandwich bag it's not...


  1. Well Skawl, as listed in the FBI, in the DMV form/something like that , marijuana is classified with cocaine do to the use and abuse of the drug, were as heorin and shrooms/psyliobin are reduced to lesser degree on the scale that there is a lesser charge. Look it up!!!

  2. stop ragging on my sandwich bags OKAY! I make perfectly legit, "herbal free" sandwiches!

    Interesting post tho...did u consider legal vs. illegal and addicting vs. non habit forming? YES, I know everything can become an addiction but some are instantaneous while others develop overtime. A shot isn't gonna do as much damage as a "shoot"

  3. Mike, that link talks aboot Canada, aye! Not of interest to my post.

    Sofia, as far as a Shot and Shooting, I assume you're talking about Alcohol and Heroine, right? To a person who's got the Alcoholic gene, 1 shot can be more harmful than 1 syringe of Heroine. It's all about the user. And since we've been desensitized to the mal-effects of alcohol it is potentially more dangerous. Plus, a little known fact, alcohol addiction is the only one that can kill you. You might get bad withdrawal from other drugs but an alcoholic can actually die if they don't get a drink in extreme cases.