Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiger's a joke

I was on the subway yesterday when I saw something that had me ROLLING. I believe the chick was reading Vanity...and who's on the cover? Tiger Woods. Now what about this is funny? If you're asking this question, you must not have seen the cover. This man is standing with his shirt off with a black beanie on flexing looking like he's half way through bicep curls. I'm like, WHAAAAAT!!?? What has happened to this man? I remember when he was coming out of Stanford, I used to really like him. Not only was there the fact that the best golfer in the world is black, but he seemed like a down to earth guy who was really talented and really driven. Now here we are years later, post "I'm not black", post I cheated on my wife with a slew of chicks, and his old ass looking self is trying to do the Genuine on the Vanity magazine cover. Please! Tiger is starting to resemble A-Rod more than Nicklaus. Whoever is his PR person needs to be fired, like asap.

So the Pats are getting their asses handed to them. Well, they're kinda playing well but Tom has turned the ball over 4 times, 3 in the first quarter. Not a good way to start a playoff game. At least the D showed up today. I didn't think the Ravens had it in them but they've just been making plays left and right. Not the best way to finish off the decade but, hey, it happens. At least I'm not a Raiders or Lions fan, that must just be unendurable. Well, here's to next year.

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