Friday, March 19, 2010

Armageddon QB Debating

Are we approaching the end of the world? Is this judgement day I see around the corner? No, probably not, but I do find it odd that in just a few weeks there were devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Turkey, an expected Tsunami in Hawaii (ended up not being as drastic as they had feared), and a friggin hurricane in NYC. Sure the "hurricane" just barely reached the threshold for wind speed, but if you were here, you know how bad it really was, especially for the North East. My buddy has been clearing downed trees for the last week. To really solidify how bad the storm was: 1) my umbrela broke the wrong way. By this, I mean that while they usually break by turning inside out, the wind was pusing down on my umbrela, as if to close it, and that's how it broke. 2) My afore mentioned buddy's neighbor had a 100+ foot oak in his back yard. Notice I said "had". Yes, it fell. When they were cutting it up, one of the limbs, about 5' in diameter, had 68 rings. For those of you who don't know, that means that limb ALONE was 68 years old. I posted a question on my fb status after all these earthquakes asking if maybe our pilfering of mother nature's natural lubricant, oil, might be contributing to these earthquakes. I wasn't totally serious, it was more just to make people think, but what if? Apparently that Chile quake pushed us off our axis...And I'm definately a believer in "Man Induced Weather Change" (Global Warming) which would account for the NY hurricane. I don't think it's the end of the world/man kind, but if it is, I'm pretty sure it's our own fault. If you're an atheist I suggest you start talking to God/Yaweh/Allah/Zeus just in case.

I was just reading an article from before the Super Bowl that was stating that Peyton Manning is a better QB than Tom Brady, an opion I will fight against as long as they are playing and I believe it to be true, and I was going to come on here and prove my point through statistics and their analysis, but now I just don't feel like it. I will do it at some point just so I have a place online to refer people to, but just not now. I do wonder, however, if the guy, Dan Shaugnessey, still feels like that after Peyton so typically lost the game, along with Reggie Wayne's help, at the end like that. Now, that is a bit of a loaded statement, I truely don't believe any football game hinges on one play; If the D had stopped the other team that play wouldn't have mattered; The other Offense sure did a good job of scoring; The other D made nice plays; but with people anointing the guy when he's 1 Patriots Defensive meltdown from not haveing any rings...I mean, jeez, he's 9-9 in the playoffs with a sub 90 QB rating.

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