Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barack's 'Pubs

They didn’t put us here, but now a lot of you want to end progress before it’s had a chance to run its course. It seems as though a lot of American’s are fed up with our government before it’s had a chance to have an impact. Republicans have been trying to stifle progress at every turn claiming that they know how to do things better. But in all their clamoring they have yet to provide an actual alternative. All they say is “NO!” And now, because of all their yelling and the unwillingness of liberals to stoop to their level, many Americans would rather return to the party that got us in this mess than try something new. OBAMA’S A MUSLIM, SOCIALIST ANTI-AMERICAN WHO WANTS TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY… Have you forgotten so quickly who got us into this mess? Have you forgotten that it was the Republicans, with these same flawed ideals, that caused us to sink into this hole? If they created the mess with their policies of lower taxes for the rich and trickle down economics, how would re-instilling that help us? If the majority voted in this president to revamp healthcare, why would we now vote in people who want to destroy it? On top of that, why would we listen to people who are in the pockets of Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies? (sorry Glenn, forgot about the people who want to buy your gold…) Don’t you think their loyalties might be a bit awry? I don’t think the Democrats are the cat’s tuxedo but I certainly think the ‘Pubs are motivated more by money than duty. I don’t believe them when they say that they’re here for me but are unwilling to make policy moves that are in my favor. Why can’t we tax the richest people and corporations in our country? Why should we do away with the social programs that are in place to help the less fortunate? So that we can give multi-billion dollar companies tax breaks? So they can outsource the majority of their overhead? If they want to bend us over to keep their businesses here, how about we say fuck them. We should be a nation of entrepreneurs anyways! How about we let them leave and then tax the shit out of their exports to the country that taxed them too highly? Are they going to stop selling to us? Not likely! I say fuck ‘em!

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