Friday, September 10, 2010

Grind Crack & Dungy

You know what really grinds my gears (thank you Peter)? When people don’t help out those who are in a more difficult position. I’m talking about Pregos, Gimps, old folks, women with babies, etc. It really pisses me off when I see some mom with a stroller struggling to open a door, and there are a bunch, or just one, of people standing around acting like they can’t see her. I mean what the fuck!? I was at lunch today, eating outside cus it was just nice as hell out, when I see this mom trying to open a door and push her stroller through at the same time. While she’s doing this, this oriental guy (I know, it’s supposed to be asian but Indians are Asians too but sure as hell don’t look like Chinese people so I’m going with oriental!) is just walking around beside her not once considering opening the door. I wanted to get up and go punch the douche in the BOX! I mean really fucker, what if that was your daughter? I was about to get up from my lunch to help her out but fortunately someone else was walking out and held the door for her. People are really fucking inconsiderate. I was walking into the bank the other day and held the door for a lady who was leaving and she was shocked that I had manners. I mean really? What have parents been teaching their kids for the last 50 years (yeah 50, this shit isn’t localized to people my age)? Do we really care that little about the person standing next to us? Oh, wait, I forgot that half the country is republican…THAT’S THEIR M.O.!!! (modus operandi for those who don’t know) I’m not gonna get into politics right now, just know that republicans stand for themselves, that’s what it means to not want the government to help out the less fortunate or spend money on social issues since it doesn’t directly benefit themselves, but this lack of accountability or concern for the failures/shortcomings of your neighbor will destroy us. When everyone only cares about themselves, no one cares about you.

Ok, now lets flip this a bit…

It really cracks me up when older folks use my lingo. A good one is “what’s his face”. My boss, who’s a good bit older than I, today used that phrase and had me trying my hardest not to crack up. I mean, damn, it’s a funny phrase when my sister uses it, but him? It took some work not to laugh in his face. Not that he shouldn’t be using it or should feel ashamed, it’s just funny. It makes me wonder whether they’re using our lingo cus it’s cool or if we took it from them for the same reason. It’s like douche. I heard these older guys use it at lunch. My mom claims it’s from her generation or before, but it just seems to innovative for it to have come from any generation other than my own…;P. It just goes to show, some things are timeless…like Stacey Dash…mmm, Stacey Dash, gimme summa dat! But I digress, when you get to that age where kids are wondering, let them know who the real verbal pioneers were…us motherfucker!

And now for something completely different…

Football is finally back! I know, I know, you thought this day would never come, me neither. But alas, here it is. My football related thought from last night, man I can’t stand Tony Dungy. If he isn’t just the epitome of a holier-than-thou, stuck-up, shit-don’t-stank, Peyton Manning butt buddy, can’t-coach-the-best-team-to-a-superbowl-more-than-once douche, then I don’t know what is. This guy just really pisses me off. If he’s not talking shit about other teams or players not on his team, then he’s using his GM’s influence to change rules or creating an atmosphere where it’s ok to blame players who aren’t at fault as opposed to starting at the top and trickling down. He’s like the church folks who cheat on their spouses but then talk shit cus you like to drink or cuss. Here’s a big ole FUCK YOU to Tony Dungy!

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