Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dirty Tea

So, have I ever told you how much I hate New Jersey?...sorry Dirty Jerz. Well, now I have. It's not just the fact that the state smells like trash. It's not just that Igby so eloquently stated that "not going to New Jersey isn't procrastination, it's common sense!". And it's not just that those morons from Jersey Shore call it their home. I-95 goes "from Maine to Florida" but to actually go from Maine to Florida, you have to "get off" 95, take the New Jersey turnpike, and then hop back on when you get to NY. The fucking thing has 1 exit every 20+ miles. To go through the whole fucking state, 122+ miles of highway, there are only...16? exits. Maybe 19. But then, you get to New York, and because you have 2 wheels in the back, they charge you 18 fucking dollars! Fuck New Jersey!

And now for something completely different.

The Tea Party...
To be perfectly honest, I'm a big fan of a lot of their ideals. The ones like holding politicians accountible, fiscal responsiblity, etc. But they are soooo misguided and it seems to me like they're just pissed a black guy is president. Where was the Tea Party when W was taking away our civil liberties and getting us stuck in 2, not 1, 2 wars? How can you be fore uplifting small businesses but then associate yourself with the party that does its best to fight for the mega-conglomerates? How do you fail to see the connection between de-regulation and the ability for these huge companies to take advantage of their workers, tax laws, the supply chain...I'm sorry do you know what the supply chain is? How can you say you want politicians to do what's best for their constituents but the back the party of NO? How can you think that trickle-down economics, which has increased the rich-poor divide and put us in this recession, will work now when it's lowered the income value over the last 20 years. Why do they think that continuing with the Republican's failed politics of the last 3 decades will make things better? Why do they think Glenn Beck is telling them the truth as there's a "Sell Your Gold" ad in the bottom right hand corner of the screen? Why do they believe all the bullshit they're fed even after they're proved wrong, ahem birthers? Why do they always throw out the 3 black Tea Partiers they know to show that they're diverse? Why do they say they're not Republicans even though there is not 1 Tea Partier running on a democratic ticket? Why do they say they're against both parties politics but then run on the Pub ticket? Why do they think it's a good idea to deny people free choice; gay marrage anyone, abortions? Why do they think that listening to idiots like Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Paladino and Rand Paul are good things? Don't they realize how stupid and provincial these people are? Why are they willing to overlook the stupidity of these people simply because they speak loudly and claim they are "just like you" and want "smaller government". How long will it take them to realize you need a powerful government to keep powerful companies in check? When will they realize that trickle up is the way to go, never, unfortunate! Tea Partiers don't make me angry, they make me disappointed. Be wary, we will all be slaves under the power of the Muslim Socialist Dictator Barack Obama! SMH...

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