Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Global Warming...Comes...on IFC

So, it’s November and the weather forecast for this week looks like this:
Mon. 50, Tues. 54, Wed. 60, Thurs. 53, Fri. 55. I’m not gonna lie, I’m enjoying the fall-ish weather, but I wonder about these folks that refuse to believe that man-made weather change is occurring. I would be ok with the whole, earth cycle, theory if the changes weren’t so drastic. But if we were really just going through a cycle, wouldn’t it be one that has been steadily changing over the past 10, 20, 50 years? Not one that has changed so drastically so quickly? And, ok, what if you’re right? If those of who don’t believe in “global warming” are right and we act upon it anyways then we end up wasting some money, developing new technologies and changing some of the power structure in this world. This is where it starts to get funny. The majority of the people who don’t believe we are destroying our planet by using our natural resources and polluting everywhere we can find are the same people who think that we should eradicate the Muslims. Last time I checked, it’s the Muslims who own all the damn oil…almost. That should be extra incentive to want to find new forms of energy for all you nutsos. I know, I know, GOD PUT THESE RESOURCES FOR US TO USE…yeah, and he put Romans here to kill Jesus, Jews to kill Muslims, Muslims to kill Westerners, Christians to kill doctors, doctors to kill children, and split-atoms to kill us all…Now what if those of us that believe we are fucking up our planet are right, but we do what the disbelievers say? Well then we eradicate ourselves due to a belief in a Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’d rather lose some money, and possibly make just as much through new technologies, than lose our planet. Mars looks kinda hot this time of year.

And now for something completely different…

Have you seen the new Kids In The Hall show, Death Comes to Town on IFC? Fucking funny! I’ve missed these guys. They are much closer to Monty Python than SNL(>2000) is to SNL (<’95) and this little 8 show series epitomizes it. They play so many different characters and are so innovative that it’s nice to see them back on TV. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hulu, OnDemand, whatever it takes, check these guys out, even if it’s the original show from back in the day. It’s a real homage to those British boys of yesteryear.

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