Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change By Keeping The Same?

This is a respons to the father of a friend. They are both Tea Partiers. I thought I'd share it with you.

I'd just like to respond to a few of your points from your first response. It doesn't matter who coined the phrase tea party, you guys use it like it's your party so that's how we'll associate you guys. The big problem is that you were 10-20 years too late. By the time you hit the streets, the damage had been done ten-fold. (by dems and pubs alike, I agree) You don't have guns??? Puhleeez! Isn't Sarah Palin one of the biggest advocates of both guns and the T.P.? Who are you fooling here? Maybe YOU don't have a gun, but that's a huge point of contention for the T.P. around the nation. The rights for We The People comes from the Governement. The only other way for us to get those rights is through anarchy. Fiscal Responsibility - Why aren't you guys lambasting about how irresponsible we are, and have been, with defense contracts? Why wouldn't you be in favor of a 3% hike (really a return to previous levels) in taxes for the wealthiest Americans, the ones who can afford it? The break was supposed to be given because of the recession, it's over-ish now so start returning tax levels to normal. Limited Government? Worst argument period. People who say that neglect to say where they want it limited. Universally limited? Maybe we should keep deregulating Wall Street so they can keep cheating us? How about less government in schools so the inner citiy children are reading books from the 70's? How about limited government in the military, we can just privatize it like Blackwater and our death squads can go from country to country, sponsored by Nike? Free Markets - Let's just take all regulation out of markets. I'm sure that these companies won't take advantage of having no regulation. The largest cause of loss of jobs in this country has been de-regulation. The great depression was caused by it, this depression/recession was caused by it. The crash of the late 80's. The way a market is free is by allowing open competition. If you allow the big boys to run amok, they control the market, that's not free. A monopoly is never free. In a free market, the market creates the price, if you take away regulation, the Wal-Marts and Goldman Sach's create the prices because they control the supply chain. You need a big government to regulate big companies. If you want a small government and a free market, you need to get rid of the big companies or they'll take full advantage of the situation. You can just look at the last 10 years as proof of that. The reason we're in this mess is because the government wasn't big enough, they weren't powerful enough to effectively do their job, which is to make sure those who run shit are doing so ethically and fairly; i.e. following the rules and having rules that protect the average citizen. You tell me this, "if you opened a company and reached the stars to the tune of 10 million", should the government start giving you tax breaks to try and keep your business local? That's what happens. The bigger your company, the less taxes you pay. The government starts giving you tax breaks. Why shouldn't they pay their fair share? Earnings season is upon us, we'll see just how tough things are for these mega-conglomerates. They've been boasting record gains lately. Shouldn't we start raising taxes on them to try to bring them back to even instead of letting them pay a lower effective tax rate than Joe The Plumber's? And this is WHILE they've been outsourcing all their labor. Shouldn't we tax higher for that? 'Sure you can send jobs over-seas Nike, but if you're paying the Chinese 9c an hour, we're gonna tax you $5 an hour because that's what our minimum wage is and you're taking jobs away from Americans.' But no, taxing them for taking away American jobs would be "Un-American"... Let me cry a big fat tear for the mis-treated billionaires...I feel soo bad for them...And you're scared they'll just move their whole operation overseas? FINE! It's called Tarriffs. You want to sell in the US, WE TAX YOU! You also said: "Just know that when you tax the rich, they will take the jobs out of the country as they have for years now, it's just getting worse." So, you're saying that what we did in the past caused the rich to send jobs out of the country, but you want us to keep using the methods of the past to stop it? I hope that you realize that what you're promoting, as far as business is concerned, to to do what we've already been doing, what has gotten us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but do it more drastically. And by doing this, we will make things better...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. But that's just my thoughts.

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