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Intro To...The Super Bowl Party

From January 27, 2013
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Super Bowl Sunday, this year, will be on February 3rd. 32 teams tried, and 30 teams failed, to get to this last game of the season. While I’m disappointed my New England Patriots didn’t show up for the second half of the AFC Championship game – the game that determined which team from the AFC (there are two conferences in the NFL: NFC and AFC) would make it to the Super Bowl – the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are both damn good teams and we should be in for a treat. If you’re not really sure how to conduct yourself at a Super Bowl party, I have a few tips for you.

Don’t ever stand in front of the TV. Ever. If you have to walk in front of it to get somewhere, hasten your pace and try to position yourself in an uncomfortable, Quasimodo-esque, hunched position to show that the last thing you want to do is make people miss the commercial. Keep in mind I say commercial because if you try to walk in front of the screen when the game is on, you’re liable to get shot.

Speaking of commercials, if you somehow don’t already know, the Super Bowl is as much for the game as it is for the advertising. This year, the average cost for a 30-second commercial slot went for $4 Million. Compare this to $1 Million for an Olympics slot, $500k for the same slot on Sunday Night Football and $142k overall on average. It was here that all the best commercials of the last 20 years have been debuted. Remember the “Bud”-“Weise”-“Errrr” frogs? Super Bowl. Tiny-Vader uses the force to start dad’s car? Super Bowl. 1984styled Apple Computer commercial? Super Bowl. So don’t go out of your way trying to see them all, but it’s ok to sit and watch, they can be pretty good.

Now, you’re there to watch the game, of course, so the best way to do this is by rooting for one of the teams. It doesn’t matter how you choose who to root for. You can root for the team everyone is going for, or the one nobody is going for. Pick the uniform you like the most, but by picking a team you will find yourself more engrossed in the game. It will also get you interacting with everyone else. You can rib the other team’s fans and celebrate with yours.

Bring something to the party. Generally, a 6-pack will suffice, but everyone loves when the one guy with the amazing guac shows up. If you have a great recipe for a casserole, or artichoke dip, this is an ideal time to bring it out. One year, my buddy’s girlfriend brought peanut butter brownies…I need to find out where she is these days.

Most importantly, though, is pace yourself. Some parties start around noon but the game doesn’t even start until 6:30. If you start taking shots at 1:30 you might find yourself under the table and dreaming by kickoff. Try to stick to beer, if you can, and spread your drinks out with water/juice/food. It always sucks when you don’t even remember what happened in the game, so stay classy, San Diego, and remember that you have work the next day.

Lastly, If your team wins the big game and you end up at the celebration parade, don’t be this chick…

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